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TFS TecFin is a pioneering accounting and tax service oriented firm based in Sunninghill …

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TFS Trustees

We are able to guarantee that the structures that we implement are compliant and in accordance with the …

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Let us show you how to earn maximum points in your next BBBEE reporting cycle with TFS BEE Consulting …

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us


“As a consumer, I have been let down so often by service providers”

As a consumer, I have been let down so often by service providers who didn’t reach my expectations that I’ve lowered my expectations.

Therefore it always catches me off guard when I receive brilliant service and I’m so thankful for it.

My experience with TFS since the beginning – from the front desk, the CEO and MD and everyone in between has been one which has exceeded all my expectations.

I will recommend TFS to absolutely everyone I know.

Starting a business comes with a certain amount of headaches, but you guys have made the process so painless.

Sofiah Docrat


” Jess, I want to sincerely thank you for always providing such an incredible service to us

We honestly could not have gotten through this past year without your dedication and patience.  We appreciate your proactivity, always being on the button with very few queries if any at all and always going the extra extra mile.

I hope you do take some time to yourself to recharge because you are always working and replying, no matter the time of day or the day of the week!  

So, THANK YOU!  You are a star!!!

Ashleigh Mitchley



” We don’t say this enough and I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service we receive from TFS.

You all make a magnificent team and integrity is seen right through your company and its lovely people!

You can all be proud of your company and know that we appreciate everything you do for us, not only as a business but as friends as well.

May you rise even higher than all your expectations!

Best wishes and may you all be blessed tremendously!

Thania Rowan



” During this devastating time, everyone is so negative, but I just wanted to give a huge shout-out to you and all your staff.

You guys really just go the extra mile to assist me with whatever I require and always with such patience and efficiency.

Paulo, Steph, Shongile, Taylor, Jabu, Tony, and you of course (I`m sure I have left some out).

But I am so grateful to all of you.
Well done Joan, you run a great show!!!

Tracey van Dyk



” Thank you, Gwyn and team. Your work ethic and in-depth knowledge is a marvel to comprehend.

I truly appreciate the partnership we’ve enjoyed all these years and you have not disappointed me.

Dwayne, many thanks… your leadership is what made this possible. ou.
Well done Joan, you run a great show!!!

Simbo Ntshinka


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