Customs – New channel for Refunds and Drawbacks

Dec 8, 2023 | Uncategorised

8 December 2023 – The drawback claims can now also be submitted using the EDI channel.  The channel is currently available for Customs only. The SC-CF-55-A09 – Customs Status Response Messages – External Annexure has been updated to include the new Customs response messages (CUSRES) for the drawbacks using the EDI channel.

The refunds and drawback external guide (SC-DT-C-19) has been updated with a new process to use and complete the Comma Separated Value (CSV) file instead of capturing the information on eFiling.  The CSV file templates have been created for ease of use by the traders:

SC-DT-C-13-A15 – DA64 CSV Template – External Annexure
SC-DT-C-13-A16 – DA 63 CSV Template – External Annexure
SC-DT-C-13-A17 – Excise With Export CSV Template – External Annexure
SC-DT-C-13-A18 – Excise Non Export CSV Template – External Annexure

The Allocation Code for the DA 66 external annexure (SC-DT-C-13-A06) has been updated to include the code for the foodstuff manufacturers.

New Customs supporting document codes have been added to SC-CF-55-A11 – Supporting Document Codes – External Annexure and declarants must use the codes when uploading the supporting documents to a goods declaration, refund or drawback case.

The SC-CF-55-A05 – Country and Currency Codes – External Annex has been amended to reflect the official currencies used in the Republic of Belarus to Belarusian Rubie (BYN).

The updated policies and guide can be accessed through the following links:

SC-DT-C-19 – Refunds and Drawbacks – External Guide
SC-DT-C-13 – Refunds and Drawbacks – External Policy
SF-CF-55 – Clearance Declaration – External Policy

For more information, see the Clearance Declaration webpage and the Customs Refunds and Drawbacks webpage.


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