Availability of Tax Compliance Status (TCS) Services on 27 June 2023

Jun 27, 2023 | Uncategorised

27 June 2023 – Kindly note that Tax Compliance Status and related services are temporarily unavailable on eFiling. Should you require an alternative solution to obtaining your Tax Compliance Pin, you are welcome to access the SARS Online Query System, available on the home Screen of the SARS website: www.sars.gov.za – Home Screen > SARS Online Query System.

The following easy steps may be followed:

Tax Compliance Status Request
Enter Valid ID Number and Valid Tax Reference Number
Select Generate Form
Captcha screen displayed
Enter Captcha Details
Select Validate
Taxpayer presented with the TCR01 Form
Complete TCR01 Form
Select Submit
Your request is being processed progress bar displayed
Pop-up message – correspondence will be sent shortly
SMS with TC PIN sent to Cell phone number of the registered taxpayer requesting status
SMS to be forwarded to requesting user

We trust you will find this as a helpful alternative to obtaining your TCS from eFiling.

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