Tax Exempt Institutions Connect Issue 1 (September 2022)

Sep 30, 2022 | Uncategorised

30 September 2022 – Tax Exempt Institutions Connect first edition

The Tax Exempt Institutions (TEI) Segment has published the first EI Connect, which deals with insights, topics, and themes relevant to the Income Tax Exempt sector of taxpayers. The TEI Segment will publish the EI Connect on a quarterly basis and will have various snippets of information on the tax obligations and rights of the Income Tax Exempt sector of taxpayers, which will be featured under the “Did you Know” section. Each “Did You know” will deal with a different topic, and will provide insights and answers to some of the frequently asked questions received from taxpayers. This issue deals with the tax rights and obligations of Public Schools as tax exempt institutions (EIs). Should you want a specific topic to be discussed in the “Did You Know” section, please e-mail the

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