Auto-registration for Personal Income Tax

Sep 29, 2022 | Uncategorised

29 September 2022 –  From October 2022, individuals who are not registered yet, could be automatically registered for Personal Income Tax if SARS detects 3rd party data that indicates economic activity.  If the auto-registered taxpayer is a sole proprietor, he or she may still have to register for other tax products like PAYE for an employer, Value Added Tax for a vendor, and Customs and/or Excise if they are a trader in that field. SARS will send an SMS and a letter to such an individual, officially welcoming them as a registered taxpayer and informing them of how to access our services and what their rights and obligations are.

It is important for newly registered taxpayers to register for eFiling, as this is the most efficient way to file a tax return, view assessment results, make payments, and manage many other tax matters.

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