SARS Contact Centre is experiencing high call volumes

Jul 13, 2022 | Uncategorised

13 July 2022 – Our Contact Centre is currently experiencing high call volumes.

The Contact Centre volumes status will be updated from time-to-time, please check back on this webpage on a regular basis.

The following Contact Centre queues are closed due to strike action:

PCC (Practitioner)
Live Chat call back
Large Business centre
IVR call backs on all queues


The following queues are open and all resources diverted to deal with tax season:


Return completion
Password resets

Please use our Digital Channels instead:

How does Auto-Assessment work?
See the latest on Filing Season
How do I access my tax return on eFiling?
I forgot my eFiling password
Find a Source Code
Submit Supporting Documents
How do I pay SARS?
SMS us to request your balance or Statement of Account
Update banking details
Register for Tax
Request a Tax Number
SMS us to request your Notice of Tax Registration Number
Tax Compliance Status Request
Tax Compliance Status Verification
Online request for an eBooking appointment
SMS request for an eBooking appointment
Update the Registered Representative
SMS us to know if you need to submit a tax return
Report a scam
See the latest list of SARS scams
Report a Tax Crime
See current surveys, SMSs and emails

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