Distribution of funds to non-resident trusts by resident trusts

Apr 8, 2022 | Uncategorised

8 April 2022 – It has been the practice of SARS not to approve the release of funds when resident Trusts make distributions to non-resident Trusts.  Following numerous queries in this regard, SARS herewith re-iterates its stance on the matter and herewith confirms that it will not approve the release of funds vested and distributed to non-resident Trusts.

SARS is currently investigating other options related to the distribution of funds/amounts to non-residents and is in discussions in this regard. SARS takes note of the fact that the SARB has relaxed certain exchange control requirements but has decided, based on the risks involved, not to approve the release of funds to non-resident Trusts.

This does, however, not preclude a resident Trust from vesting amounts in non-resident individuals and to apply for the relevant approvals, as per the current approved practice.

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